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M.Sc. Psychology Eva Giovanna Maria Ossanna

ways to relate

Relationships, like our sexuality, are diverse, ideally a source of enrichment and often a challenge. Monogamous, polyamorous, open relationship or single; with children or without; patchwork, aspec*, queer and/or "traditional". I accompany the search for the answers to the individual sexuality and relationship design. This can be about your relationship with yourself, your children, as well as with one or more partners.


Education and Qualifications

  •  Master of Science Psychology (Friedrich Schiller University Jena; Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milan; University of Mannheim)
  • Systemic Consultant and Coach (Curriculum at the Institute for Systemic Consulting in Wiesloch)
  • Body-therapeutic couple and sex therapist (Institute for Relationship Dynamics Berlin)
  • Systemic Integrative Couples Therapist (Hans Jellouschek Institute Freiburg-Hamburg)
  • Certification and D.I.S.G./persolog
  • On the job training in Transactional Analysis and Nonviolent Communication (DGTA, among others)
  • Course "Last Aid" - Ecumenical Hospice Service Cologne
  • Aromantic & Asexual Workshop 101 - rubicon e.V.


  • "The healing power of self-regulation - healthy boundaries and contact - delimiting and opening up" Osho Insitut Cologne; Anando Würzburger
  • "Life Integration Process (LIP) and couple constellations according to Wilfried Nelles" Osho Insitut Cologne; Kalpa Riechwald and Markus Maurer
  • "Radical Honesty - Learn the art of intimacy and connection" Workshop according to Brad Blanton with Marvin Schulz
  • "Core Constellations: systemic-essential constellation work" Wolfram Jokisch
  • "Systemic Sexual Therapy - Exploring and Living Sexuality" Constellation Day with Ashni Berghoff

Work experience

  • CONTRACT KG - Consulting Company | 2013-2021 employed as consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer for organizational and human resource development with profit and non-profit clients as well as in public administration
  • Great Place to Work | 2022 Senior Consultant Employer Branding


M.Sc. Psycholgy Eva Ossanna - Studio for relationship & couple counseling and sextherapy

I am excited and look forward to our first contact:

Email: eva.ossanna 'at'

Mobile: 0176 - 20 39 64 36 (feel free to message me on WhatsApp, Signal, etc...)

Studio: Ehrenfeld

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